About Us

Our vision is to empower the community to freedom of lifestyle choice and enhance lifestyles through movement, education and choice. We believe if you move free, you live free.

We make a difference through lifestyle education and support programs that are easy to follow, understand and implement. Creating a fitter, healthier and more productive community. We believe in empowering people to live out their health dreams.

 We do this via one on one and group based education & exercise sessions including health support, motivation & dietary advice by professionals.

Our Team

  • Aaron King

    Our principal Accredited Exercise Physiologist has been practicing for over a decade. Passionate about working with others, educating and training, experience in both, Workcover and CTP, working in residential aged care homes, corporate health programs & Injury rehabilitation. Also an ESSA NSW chapter board member with a vision to empower you and the community to take ownership of your health. He achieves this through his work with one to one clients and teaching and training others in the health and fitness industry.

  • Jenny King

    Jenny King is our Practice Manager and Administrator. You may get to speak to Jenny on the phone, receive her emails or see her at reception. She keep me clinic humming along.

Our Guarantees

1. We will return any missed phone calls within 24 hours and report back to your Doctor (where appropriate) regarding your treatment within 48 hours.

2. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with our level of service to you, we will happily refund your consultation and provide you with the opportunity to attend a complimentary follow up consultation.

3. Services will be individualised and we will only provide one on one consultation unless it’s specified as a group service. We will never leave you while we see anyone else.

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