vegetarian diet

Understanding the Benefits of Vegetarian Diets

A plant-based diet — good for us and for the planet The current world food system is inequitable and unsustainable, and is creating huge and costly health problems. Of the seven billion people in the world, 1.5 billion are overweight or obese while almost a billion go to bed hungry each night. Climate change will…

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What is PAIN?

At Fit Clinic  it is common for us to see clients with chronic pain stemming from a previous injury or accident. Normally the client requires some form of strengthening to return back to the tasks they were previously doing. We often get asked what pain is and why it is occurring, as it is possible…

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5 Tips For Setting Up Your Office

Neck and back strains are common with people in a sedentary job. We tend to sit for longer than our bodies are designed for. Some simple tips will help you set your office up, with an aim to reduce the likelihood of this occurring. Your ideal office chair will be a three lever chair. You…

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How Can You Attend to Beat It Program?

Referrals to Accredited Exercise Physiologists under Medicare Who can be referred? Patients who have both a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCAs) have access to allied health individual services on the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Patients with a GPMP and type 2 diabetes can also access Medicare rebates for up to eight (8)…

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Beat It: The physical activity program that YOU can do!

The ‘BEAT IT’ program is designed for those with Diabetes or at risk of diabetes. Although it’s not exclusive, most people will find benefit in attending these group sessions for their overall health. BEAT IT is an innovative, tailored exercise and lifestyle management program designed to assist those with or at risk of diabetes or…

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