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Understanding the Benefits of Vegetarian Diets

A plant-based diet — good for us and for the planet The current world food system is inequitable and unsustainable, and is creating huge and costly health problems. Of the seven billion people in the world, 1.5 billion are overweight or obese while almost a billion go to bed hungry each night. Climate change will…

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How Do You Get Through The Festive Season?

With the party season now in full swing, it can be easy for your regular exercise routine to fall by the wayside, but don’t give up!  Maintaining your activity levels is easier than you think, and you can have fun doing it too. Here are some tips to help you keep the ball rolling. For the…

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What Meals Can We Make Out of These 200-calorie foods?

Here are some healthy meal options that you can make out of 200-calorie foods Meal 1: 57 grams of Brown Rice = 200 calories 185 grams of Tuna = 200 calories 147 grams of Broccoli = 50 calories 122 grams of Carrots = 50 calories 75 grams of Grapes = 50 calories Total = 550…

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What do 200-calorie foods look like?

Healthy   Unhealthy *Tip: Anything on the ‘healthy’ list can move toward ‘unhealthy’ simply by eating too much of it! Moderation is key. Pay close attention to the portion sizes of each equivalent food. *Images used from the calorific app. You can purchase this on iTunes.

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What do 100-calorie foods look like?

100-calorie food servings NUTS     CHEESE FRUIT   GRAINS   PROTEIN   VEGGIES

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