Fit Sessions are part of Fit Clinic’s structured group exercises sessions, (along with Mums N Bubs, Rehab Club and Restore) We are doing it differently because that’s what needs to be done. The status quo is large group classes without focusing on the specifically progressing each participants goals within the group, trying to get sweaty for the sake of being sweaty with little regard for what and how things are being completed. Our groups are always small enough to provide a tailored approach to your training and individual attention.


What’s in a Fit Sessions training session?

  • A Strength Training “block” – Programmed strength training which will often include some of the major movements. Push, pull, hinge, squat, lunge, carry over the course of the week. Each person has their own version of the exercise suited to them. Correct strength training is an important aspect of being a healthy robust individual. Each person progresses as needed.
  • a Cardio-Metabolic “block” – Typically a section of the group session where the main focus is increasing cardio fitness. These may be using our rowers, sleds or grass track, air bikes or treadmills for some conditioning. We plan these out so the week’s sessions flow. Not all sessions are high intensity (for the individual), as sweaty for the sake of sweaty should not be the goal. What will progress you most, is our target of the session. We need to independently judge the right dose for the day, based on your level, what activity you’ve done that week already and how you’re feeling overall.
  • Mobility and Skill Work section – We spend too much time in similar postures, meaning that over time we lose some of the flexibility the mobility that helps us move well and remain pain free. Our aim is to gain this back using the best methods to actually increase flexibility and mobility (strength through the flexible range)
  • The skill work component is often a task that improves overall brain development and learning. This is done through some hand eye-coordination games, catch and pass, learning to juggle or other fun brain stimulating tasks with a view to improving overall health and longevity.

An individual approach in a supportive group environment focusing on the main aspects of overall health and improving the human experience is what Fit Sessions @ Fit Clinic is all about.

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