A study published in The Lancet from The George Institute for Global Health regarding low back pain and the effectiveness or paracetamol has supported the work Exercises Physiologists have been completing for a while now. The study found that taking paracetamol was no more effective than taking a placebo

BUT, there were ways it could be improved…..

What the study did find was the exercise and remaining active was the most beneficial method to improving control of back pain. Exercise not only helps the initial treatment, it will also be beneficial for the future management and reduce the risk of future back pain episodes when the right advice is received. 

If you’re experiencing any back pain, an exercise physiologist will be able to provide you with the right exercise advice while taking care of your pain and any other issues you may have. 

Answer the following questions
ü Are you currently experiencing back pain? 
ü Have you experienced back pain in the past?
ü Ever feel restricted in your movement?
ü Do you find it difficult to lift, bend, reach, push or pull things in your daily life?
ü Do your muscles feel ‘tight’? Is there something else you wish you could do, but feel your health is holding you back?
ü Are you in a job where most of your time is spend sitting? 

Answering yes to any of the above questions means you are already experiencing back pain or are very likely to. Why not invest in your own health and stop back pain preventing you from your day? Exercise Physiology will help.

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Aaron King
Exercise Physiologist
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