Did you know that less than half of the people that sign up for a gym membership actually attend? Most gyms know this and will oversell memberships. These are big concerns to us, knowing this happens. We WILL change this

Why would people not attend?
-Are you not sure what to do?
-Actually want a service?
-Didn’t get the experience you thought?
-No one even knew your name?
Lucky! We are not a gym. We are a performance facility that will know your name, understand your goals and help guide you beyond them. We will be at our facility guiding you each time. We will never be unavailable to coach. We will write your individualised programs and progress.

Your average gym is fine if you know what you want to do and are happy with access to equipment and don’t require any service. If you don’t like to go a gym or want a place where we will know your name and you will know ours, be there at all times to guide you through your personal program at each session, we want to attend, so we can guide and support you.

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