“Run Free” is a 12 week running performance program. Run free focusses on the areas of improving running technique, improving speed and preventing/rehabilitating running injuries.


Have you ever wanted to:
Run faster?
Run without those niggles?
Get to the ball quicker?

Just learn to run properly?

We may all be born to run, but we may not be born to run well.

Why wouldn’t I just get shoes to fit my running style? After all the shoe shop checks and tells me what shoes fit best…..

A major problem is the shoe industry as a whole does a really horrible job of matching footwear to feet. All the methods used to fit feet to shoes don’t really hold up as valid ways to classify runners and to match shoes. Fit Clinic focuses on the entire system for running, not just looking at your feet with the intention of selling a shoe. Running and your foot pattern is much more complicated than the rough direction your foot goes when you walk. (which is what a shoe store will generally look at).
What you will go through in the program:
  • Goal setting a mapping out your specific plan
  • Fitness testing for comparison
  • Specific body measurements testing such as flexibility, and anthropometric tests
  • Gait analysis to determine dynamic posture and foot movements
  • Slow motion video analysis of running technique
  • Running technique improvement and re-education
  • Specific corrective exercise instruction where required
  • Performance and training strategies to implement
  • Take home and maintenance messages
After the program, it will be like you were ‘born to run’

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