About Us

Our vision is to empower the community to freedom of lifestyle choice and enhance lifestyles through movement, education and choice. We believe if you move free, you live free.

We make a difference through lifestyle education and support programs that are easy to follow, understand and implement. Creating a fitter, healthier and more productive community. We believe in empowering people to live out their health dreams.

 We do this via one on one and group based sessions including health support, exercise, motivation & nutrition advice by professionals.

Our Team

  • Aaron King

    The Principal Exercise Physiologist and Fit Clinic owner has been practicing for over a decade and a half, and it was during this journey, South-West Sydney born and raised, Aaron felt a burning desire to open his facility in South-West Sydney. As a fellow “Westie” opening in the location in which he is most passionate about, and one of the biggest areas of need. Described as “forever the learner”, learning strength & conditioning from elite coaches while having a strong history in all things rehabilitation (injury, illness, preventative and pregnancy/post natal), allowing him to train others using this full spectrum of knowledge


    He found people would go to a large commercial gym with open access but no help, and then ultimately not go, even though they could go 24 hours a day, which meant no results. There was often a second scenario where people wanted a little bit more help and had a bit of a health history or wanted exercise education, needed to be active but didn’t know where to go or who to see. So he has built Fit Clinic (and still building) to change that. Being able to blend the needs of seeing medically-trained exercise professionals with the service and guidance of general training that is missing in most facilities. Individuals and teams come and train with Aaron at Fit Clinic because he will know your name, know the program you need, write the program, address the person on their individual needs, be able to take everyone from pain to performance regardless of where you start on that spectrum. He along with each trainer can coach individuals with both the exercise physiologist or personal trainer “hat” on. He terms Fit Clinic “the gym that’s not a gym.”


    He is a self described wannabe motorcycle racer, coffee connoisseur (short black or piccolo, no sugar obviously) and dad joke teller. He used to tell bad dad jokes even before he was a father, such is his commitment.

  • Jenny King

    Jenny King is our Practice Manager and Administrator. You may get to speak to Jenny on the phone, receive her emails or see her at reception or see her pop in with Ella, Aria and Hunter in tow. (We are a family facility). With a mixture of a Bachelor in Nutrition and an administrative background, she is the “glue” in the background that makes sure the clinic humming along.

  • Jessica Lo Proto

    An Accredited Exercise Physiologist who back in 2011 was a young female finding a purpose, a purpose which would create a path to empower others. Jessica was inspired to make a difference to the way people lived, the way they thought, feel and the way they expressed themselves & a strong believer in helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Passionate about effective injury rehabilitation, personal training and education by assisting individuals to improve their lifestyle and functional capacity she has a special interest in diabetic conditions and other lifestyle conditions.


    Initially this desire to inspire was aimed at females who struggled to decrease or increase weight. Jessica describes herself who has always been criticised on the way I look, ‘you’re too skinny’ ‘you should eat more’ I noticed individuals lacked education in the physiology of the human body and were too fixated on aesthetics. Jessica aims help dispel the myths and miscommunication that have traditionally targeted females and training. Exercising allows expression of the way people feel.


    Jessica has been described as one of the happiest people, always smiling, always chatty and always challenging people when needed. (Some people have nicknamed her the “smiling assassin”). Jessica believes exercise allows people to live a full life and fully express who they are. Jessica has a broad range of hobbies such as chasing waterfalls (guess she never listened to TLC’s hit song?), and not getting annoyed when building flat packs from IKEA.

  • Angela Sammut

    Angela is a hippy at heart growing up on a farm in the Tweed & a fully qualified remedial massage therapist covering a broad range of massage techniques. A special interest in pregnancy and postnatal massage therapies stems from her own pregnancy and the ideas at the time of looking after yourself when pregnant with massage seemed crazy. Alongside traditional massage techniques Angela is also qualified in the natural healing practices of Bowen Therapy – a holistic remedial body technique that works the soft tissue (fascia) of the body; and, Lymphatic Drainage – which gently relaxes the nervous system and aids the immune system and can combine treatments to get the best outcomes.


    With a history in retail but a desire to help other’s holistically, she up’ed and left that career to be a therapist. It caters better to her biggest desires to be the nurturer which makes her happy. She he reliably informed others her special “skills” involve an “inability to hold a beat” (If you can’t hold beat to “Ice Ice Baby” then it’s definitely a special skill) and has a quirky sense of humour.

  • Josel Peralta

    Josel is the Fit Clinic Podiatrist. dealing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all foot ankle and lower limb issues. Keen basketballer who has been described as having the smoothness of a gazelle when jumping (probably a mix of strong feet and basketball play).

    Will often have a mix of clients on any given day from Diabetic foot assessments to improving gait and foot control of athletes with lower limb injury. A keen promoter of strong feet!

  • Amanda Neville

    Amanda is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with over 6 years clinical experience in DVA, Medicare and Workers Compensation. Through evidence based, quality exercise prescription, Amanda is passionate about helping people achieve an increased function and better quality of life beyond what they thought was ever possible. The happiness of a client when they achieve their functional or RTW goal is what keeps Amanda coming back for more!


    Amanda was born and bred in North Queensland with a move to Sydney in 2017. She has a keen interest in all things sporting – specifically hockey and golf – but likes to keep things interesting with trampolining and wakeboarding! Amanda also has a sneaky talent of baking wedding and birthday cakes for her friends and family in her spare time. To top things off, Amanda is also a Combat Medic in the Army Reserve and known to use the word “legend” a bit.

  • Deana Foti

    Deana is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with clinical experience in Private Practice, Medicare and Workers Compensation.

    Deana originally completed for undergrad degree locally at WSU and went on to complete her Masters Degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology at ACU, and has been working in private practice ever since.

    She loves helping people understand their bodies to remove limitations and life their life. Her special interests in seeing how other cultures have differently adapted their bodies’ to their culture, Pilates and Cancer and Exercise.

    Apparently also a sucker for a “Nicholas Sparks film” (whatever that is? – We googled it eventually).

Our Guarantees

1. We will return any missed phone calls within 24 hours and report back to your Doctor (where appropriate) regarding your treatment within 48 hours.

2. 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with our level of service to you, we will happily refund your consultation and provide you with the opportunity to attend a complimentary follow up consultation.

3. Services will be individualised and we will only provide one on one consultation unless it’s specified as a group service. We will never leave you while we see anyone else.

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