1 Grow Bigger Arms With “The Gun Run”

Start with a light weight you can achieve 15-20 repetitions with (create an initial pump). Once this has been achieved, increase weight to the next size up. Complete as many reps as possible. Move up the weight and repeat. Repeat till you can only achieve 4 reps for a given weight.

This can also work by starting high and working low. A personal favourite is to “run the rack” up to the highest weight possible, then immediately in reverse down to the minimum.

Also supersetting—hitting exercises back-to-back, without rest—biceps with triceps to reduce the amount of rest between sets, which allows you to do more work in less time and burn a significant number of calories.

2 Form Over Weight

Pick a weight that’s challenging but doable in a specific rep range. Usually, this is a weight that allows you to hit every rep in a slow and controlled manner. Total control ensures you keep good form and control throughout an exercise.

This could mean dropping the weight—and your ego—on dumbbell biceps curls, for example, to ensure quality muscle contraction, but the trade will allow you to target your arms more directly for better results. think of consciously squeezing your biceps at the top of each rep in order to really get the blood moving.

3 Volume Down, Frequency Up

Instead of blowing out arms one day per week, adding arm exercises multiple times per week works well. If you were to work to 80% of your max exercises, but complete 2x week, this will work better (and you’ll do more training anyway) that once a week at 100% fatigue.

4 Less is More

Depending on your program and fitness level, it’s possible that overworking your arms may be causing more harm than good. In fact, training your arms too much can actually lead to similarly underwhelming results as training them too little. See point 3

Squeeze and Contract

A secret to solid guns is to contract your muscles as hard as possible at the peak of every rep. During the workouts, squeeze like hell at the top, and then slows down the eccentric (lowering) portion

In this way, you will maximize control and tension placed on his muscles, squeezing every bit of effort from the muscle fibers out of each rep.

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