In conjunction to the Fit Clinic services, we provide specific package programs to ensure you get the best exercise advice delivered in the best package to ensure you get your desired result.

Our programs have been developed from research and seeing thousands in our clinic so we know what works and how to design the program around your needs. Be the best version of yourself

Back 2 It - 10 week back pain rehab program

What is the Back2It program?Back2It” is a 10 week group class for people with chronic lower back pain, tightness, stiffness or are at risk of developing lower back problems. The program is designed to run over TEN one-hour sessions over 10 weeks including a pre and post program evaluation. What happens in the sessions? You will be provided with all equipment needed and can take it home. Over the 10 week course, sessions include:

  • Education on posture and alignment, the spine, muscles, joints, how pain works and what to do about it.
  • Take home activities
  • Advice which is easy to implement
  • Exercise instruction to activate weak and underperforming muscles, improve mobility or stabilise the body
  • Muscle strengthening exercises for both deep and superficial muscles

What does it include?

  • Entry for each session
  • Exercise Physiologist instruction
  • Program booklet
  • All equipment - Resistance bands, towel, drink bottle, mat, fitball, foam roller, massage ball

“Run Free” – Running Program

"Run Free" is a 12 week 7 session running improvement program
Run free focusses on the areas of improving running technique, improving speed and preventing/rehabilitating running injuries.
It involves slow motion video analysis & fitness assessment, technique improvement, and specific targeted exercises to improve muscle activation and prevent/rehab injury.
How would it feel to run faster?
Run without constant niggles?
Increase powerful running
Get to the ball quicker?
If you're involved running based sports or just run for enjoyment, and are ready to improve? Then this program is for you.

WHY WEIGHT?’ – 10 week weight loss program

"Why Weight" - 10 weeks to a new you!

 If in 10 weeks' time you could lose weight and be the person you've been dreaming of - What would you do?

Do you want to:

  • Feel better?
  • Be more productive?
  • Like what you see in the mirror?
  • Be healthier?
  • Do the things you haven't been able to do in a while?

What you'll learn

  • Eating for weight loss
  • Meal planning
  • Exercise strategies for weight loss
  • How to maintain your new weight
  • Make it fit your lifestyle, not the other way around

Why the program?

  • Sessions provide supportive accountability which means you'll reach your goal
  • Receive an exercise book and food plan
  • Face to face and online support

Pre & Post Natal Rehabilitation

Our Pre & Post Natal program aims to prepare you for childbirth and recovery or to safely return your core to your pre-baby (or better) state.

Hi Aaron! This isn't something I originally planned to post but I wanted to say thanks so much for your support and awesome core training program, I'm super happy that all my hard work over the last 9 months has definitely paid off! Isn't the human body just the most amazing thing??

Annie - 9 months post birth of her 1st child (2014)


Exercise is generally safe during pregnancy and through the birth of your child, this can then safely be carried on as the child grows. While exercise during pregnancy is safe, it's important to get the right advice regarding this. This is why we provide exercise advice during this time

Exercise during pregnancy

Allow your body to return to pre-pregnancy sooner
Maintaining exercise can help with the birth
Exercising can assist in improved recovery
Prepare you for the necessary strength and function as your child grows
Maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy weight gain


Exercise post pregnancy

Get your pre-pregnancy body back
Improve core muscle and pelvic floor control following birth
Stretch and strengthen the required muscles for the function required
Graded movements allowing postural control and stability
Improve strength in the functional movements required to care for your children


These exercises will be suitable for

Aiming to get pregnant and wanting to make it easier
Currently pregnant or recently following childbirth
Have had children now of any age and still feel like you need to improve in this area

“Fit & Functional” – Older Adults Program

The Fit and Functional Program is a 10-week program focusing on function, health, balance, coordination, and confidence of older adults. Each participant will be provided with a plan around the specific exercises and health strategies they need to employ and work on their goals. Each participant is provided with the equipment required for their fitness. This program is completed in small groups up to 5 participants, this allows individualised focus on each participant so they can get the best result for them. Assessments are completed at the beginning and the end of the program and the participant is provided with all the tools to ensure self management through exercise and attainment of their goals.

“Executive Health” – Corporate Health Program

Fit Clinic provides corporate health and wellness check programs. This includes onsite workplace assessment including (options):

  • Total blood cholesterol
  • HDL + LDL
  • Triglycerides
  • Blood sugar
  • Blood pressure
  • Resting heart rate
  • Lung function
  • Hydration Status
  • Body fat percentage
  • Waist circumference
  • BMI
  • Flexibility

Following that, the team will be provided with an individualised approach to the health based on the assessment. Team members are given information on how to improve their health and the areas that are relevant to them with strategies that they can readily employ in and out of the workplace. All details of assessment results are kept private and confidential between the exercise physiologist and the team member.

The workplace will be provided with an overall report containing a workplace summary of the current workplace status and how they can assist their team. This would provide the strategies to provide a healthier and happier workplace without individual team member assessment being given. The workplace can receive a 4:1 return under investment for any workplace health programs initiated. This workplace programs will provide follow up assessments and reviews with individual team members over a 6-month period. To inquire about these services contact us in our details to organise a discussion.

The corporate health check program is tailored for the company depending upon the requirements and can include workplace presentations and other face to face or telephone services.
The health check program follows guidelines set around health behaviour change to allow the client to take ownership of their own health with strategies that work for them.
*All information between the worker and health coach is private and confidential. The workplace will receive a de-identified report with health statistics. The worker will receive their individual results

Beat It: Physical Activity & Lifestyle Program

BEAT IT is an innovative, tailored exercise and lifestyle management program designed to assist those with or at risk of diabetes or other chronic disease. BEAT IT helps you improve your health through awareness and physical activity.

BEAT IT classes are fun, safe and supportive. Classes start slowly and build up as you become more confident and your health and fitness improve. Classes are run twice weekly, with each class including a combination of aerobic and resistance training exercises. BEAT IT is a group based program, giving you the benefits of exercising with people just like you, and allowing you to motivate and support each other along the way.
• A 10-12 week physical activity and education program including healthy eating and lifestyle advice.
• Aimed to assist with increasing physical activity levels and improving healthy lifestyle behaviours to prevent or manage diabetes and other chronic conditions in a safe and supportive environment with the goal of ensuring participants are competent to exercise independently following program completion.
• Run in a small group environment with a strong social aspect.
• All program providers are trained by Diabetes NSW health professionals to run our BEAT IT programs.

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