Exercise Physiology & Fitness Facility

Health fund, Medicare  & WorkCover accredited gym and health facility.

Treating conditions and enhancing lifestyle to improve health. Empowering you to freedom of lifestyle choice. Enhancing lifestyles through movement & education.

CALL: 1300 397 497 (1300 EXPHYS)

CLINIC HOURS: Mon-Fri: 6am - 8pm & Sat: 7am - 3pm 

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The gym that's not a gym.

We provide coaching programs for your specific goals where you can train in our classes and open gym, guided by our health professionals in a package that suits you. We also provide typical allied health consultations on a session by session basis if required.

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Our Focus

  • Exercise Physiology

    Exercise Physiology is the science of movement and how it positively impacts health, conditions, injury and performance.

    Trained to take you from pain to power

  • Personal Training

    Providing individual and group personal training to transform you into a high performing person. Ever wanted to know how you can perform and what you are truly capable of? Efficient and effective movement.

  • Nutrition

    We provide individual nutrition strategies to get your body functioning optimally by providing a good nutrition strategy that suits you.

  • Massage

    Relieve tension or pain through hands-on tried and tested methods with our remedial massage therapists.

    From pain to power. From tension to terrific

  • Podiatry

    Providing diagnosis, treatment and prevention of foot, ankle and lower limb conditions. Providing long term solutions. Creating strong feet to propel you into life

  • Gym

    The gym that’s not a gym. Individualised focus with all of our sessions in our facility. Individual or small groups by our allied health professionals. Creating better humans

Our Story

After more than a decade of experience we opened a clinic in our home town, South West Sydney, It was always what we wanted to do and felt the time was right. We've always wanted to grow and help the community we call home.....Three years on, we opened a larger private gym and fitness facility providing group and individual sessions.

The gym that's not a gym. Always individualised and supervised, sessions run by allied health professionals, large enough to have a supportive community, small enough to make sure you get the focus to reach your goals. Challenging the status quo. We believe if you live free, you move free.

Why should you see us?

It's not just about the coaching, it's about what the coaching does for you.

  • Choice

    After training with us, you will have freedom of lifestyle choice. When you learn to move well, improve health and get stronger, you have choices.

  • Wellbeing

    Our training provides a level of mindset coaching along with our education and exercise, allowing you to feel like never before. Combine with nutrition and activity and you have our pillars of health

  • Pain Free

    Learning to control and strengthen your body often results in reduced injury and increased personal performance

  • Education

    We not only treat, we train you and give you the tools to support you when you are not seeing us.

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