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Police Capacity Testing Entry Exam

We’ve had 100% success with people coming to see us and passing the Police Capacity Testing for a passing physical entry into the police force. 

We offer physical fitness program for those looking to gain entry into the police force via the Police Capacity Test (PCT). We have a 100% success rate of being able to pass the physical requirements of the testing day. 

We teach and train each person to pass the entry requirements of:

Hand Grip – 30kg on Each Hand

Prone Bridge – 90 Seconds

Vertical Jump – 30cm Or Greater

Push Ups – 25

Illinois Agility – 20 Seconds Or Less

Multi-Stage Fitness – Level 7.1


Specific and Progressive Program

We write a specific progressive program leading up to the testing day, incorporate 1 on 1 testing and assessment sessions to track your progress, to ensure you are passing the entry requirements on the day of testing. 

We also provide advice on strategies during the program, both leading up to the day and also on the day to ensure you are prepared and ready to go. We have a 100% success rate of passing these tests with clients.

If you’re aiming to join the police force and need assistance in passing the physical fitness exam, then we can help.

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