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Group Training

FIT Sessions

Guided small group sessions which incorporate our many fitness principles useful for progress. Dynamic warm up and muscle activation activity, strength training, fitness and metabolic conditioning, skill development and stretch. (Fit Sessions X is a 45-minute “express” version of Fit Sessions; great for those with limited time in the morning)


A combination of stretch and strengthen principles, yoga, flow and mobility.

Strong Sessions

Is a modified version of the types of actions and activities you may find in strongman competitions. It may include partner work, ropes, logs, barbells, sleds and handles, kettlebells, throwing, catching and a heap of other fun things. You may have some modified activities to suit your level before progressing.

Jnr Athletic Development

A group program with some added individual programming to assist the junior athlete in their sports performance.

Access All Areas

Open Gym where you come in and complete your own program (designed with our consultation) in our facility. The gym is access all areas at all times as we have plenty of space for both classes and individuals.

Personal Training

1 on 1 training suitable for those learning specific exercise progressions or skills. Will often be in conjunction with one of our coaching packages.

Exercise Physiology

Consults and sessions similar to personal training although the person may have a specific injury or health concern. All of our trainers are trained as both exercise physiologists and personal trainers.

Program Consults

Time set aside for the individual to discuss goals, direction and develop a plan to assist these goals. We will also spend the time to show you each exercise or skill you are required to complete as part of the program.

Group Training & Open Gym Bookings

(Members only) – For non members, please call and book directly for an initial consultation prior.