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Podiatry under NDIS or general podiatry

  • Improved Daily Living and Quality of Health is most effective through prevention, planning and management of long term goals.
  • Most Participants under the NDIS Scheme may be unable to self-care. Podiatrists can aid in improvement through regular foot checks, circulation checks, blood flow checks, etc.
  • Provide evidence-based podiatry practice in relation to footwear and general lower limb health checks
  • Provide General Care; nail cutting, skin debridement, prevention of pressure ulcers & sores
  • Provide Full Neurovascular Diabetic Checks
  • Provide Vascular Checks; inclusive of circulation checks, blood flow checks, pulses palpation, temperature test,
  • Provide Neurological Assessments; Sensation testing, sensory feedback
  • Provide education and awareness around the importance of supportive footwear to participants
  • Provide education and awareness on the importance of lower limb injury prevention throughout early to long term stages
  • Demonstrate Podiatry footwear checks to inform the supportive features of adequate footwear
  • Provide biomechanical walking gait assessments
  • Provide correct fitting footwear assessments
  • Orthotic and AFO prescription


Podiatry for athletic performance

  • Correcting lower limb issues and injuries affecting performance
  • Diagnosis and treatment of lower limb injuries
  • Improvement of lower limb mechanics for efficiency and performance
  • Runners wanting to remain injury-free, rehabilitate an injury or run better in general
  • If you’re wanting to start running and want to know how to do it properly
  • Involved in a running based sport needing to get quicker
  • Have a medical condition that requirements gait training


Gait retraining for older adults

  • If you feel a little unbalanced and need to improve your confidence getting about town
  • Want to decrease to risk of falling over

Gait retraining for anyone

  • If you have a condition that impacts how you walk or move (Cerebral palsy, MS)
  • If you have or have had an injury where your legs have been affected (lower back, hip, knee or ankle pain)

We assist to improve movement patterns on your lower limbs involving, video analysis, muscle testing and corrective exercises that will improve muscular control and movement patterns.

Remedial Massage Therapy

We have an onsite Remedial Massage Therapist, health fund registered with claims available on the spot. (Check your HF for eligibility).

Massage is an important tool in any training and work (or just life) recovery program especially when we lead busy lives.

Weight Loss Consulting

Fit Clinic provides weight loss consulting both for individuals and groups. In these consultations we discuss:

  • Exercise strategies
  • Meal planning
  • Eating for weight loss and health
  • Long term strategies
  • How to keep it off

We provide these consultations as our ‘WHY WEIGHT’ Program, and as seminars to groups and companies looking to improve your company health. If you are interested to know more, ask us for more information or just get started right away.