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Online Coaching and Programming

Welcome to our Flagship Online Training Program. With your membership, you’ll have all access to choose the correct program for you. Choose between;

  • Barbell Foundation (new or returning to the barbell)
  • Fit Clinic @ Home (minimal equipment at home)
  • Fit Sessions (All-round performance program)
  • Build Strong (Strength and Hypertrophy)
  • Women’s Health (pre/post-partum)

Once you sign up to our program portal, you’ll have the option to choose your preferred program. And if your goals change, you can switch programs anytime.

To sign up is easy. Either book a time to come to and we can complete it face to face and answer any questions you have, over the phone or just click the link and we’ll contact you ASAP to get you started.

Online Training Membership Sign Up



Flagship Programs to Choose From

Barbell Foundation

The Barbell Foundation program is designed for both the new or experienced lifter. To provide initial learning or increased performance in the foundation barbell movements over three phases. Foundation Movements include, squats, deadlifts, bench pressing, row variations, overhead pressing. Designed to introduce or build upon the foundation movements used with a barbell. Over the three phases, you will expect to get stronger with squatting, lifting and pressing all measured with optional testing following phase 3. The inclusion of accessory exercises compliments this program as an effective way to achieve your strength goals. This is a 12 week program and can roll into Build Strong or Fit Sessions.


Build Strong

Build Strong is our signature Strength and Hypertrophy program, incorporating different phases as the ongoing program develops. We use the essential main lifts such as Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press, Rows, Overhead Presses and Carries (including their variations), and include supporting accessory exercises at rep ranges known to build strength and hypertrophy. It was once thought that only moderate reps were better to build muscle and low reps to build strength, but you can build both at different rep ranges (both high and low) when intensity is equated. We also follow the tried to true principles, that the foundation movements matter. The main movements using a range of directions, repeated, along side supporting accessory exercises are known to give the greatest results over time. We have structured this program into phases, where each will have a slightly higher focus of certain movements or reps ranges. Each phases building into the next and flowing from the last block of programming. The end result being a strong body and balanced physique.


Fit Sessions

Our signature Fit Sessions is the same as the group sessions we run live at our facilities and is a ongoing program. Fit Sessions include a variety of movements to help you develop and improve upon your strength and fitness. Each main block runs over three phases, each with a goal of building on your strength and fitness in a variety of ways. Each phase is programmed over a maximum of 5 days per week, for 6 weeks involving 2 upper and 2 lower body days and a specific conditioning day. Each day includes foundation and accessory movements. We have built this program in such a way that you can achieve a rounded program from any combination of between 2-5 sessions per week. This program is best suited to the new or experienced exerciser with a range of equipment available (at home or in the gym).


Fit Clinic @ Home

Fit Clinic @ Home is the ideal program requiring minimal equipment that runs for up to 52 weeks. Specifically designed to get an all round workout at home. This program includes a variety of upper, lower and conditioning exercises split into 2 upper and 2 lower body days, including an optional workout for the 5th session. Our optional workouts involve monthly testing, cardio/core, ‘Back It Up’ posterior only and a ‘bootylicious’ & ‘Yeah the boys’ (booty and shoulder specific) sessions. All that is required is your body weight, and a form of weight (dumbbells, kettlebells or objects around the house like a bucket/backpack) or bands. Optional live sessions included.