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Pre And Post Natal Exercise

Exercise is generally safe during pregnancy and through the birth of your child, this can then safely be carried on as the child grows. While exercise during pregnancy is safe, it’s important to get the right advice regarding this. This is why we provide exercise advice during this time

Exercise During Pregnancy

  • Allow your body to return to pre-pregnancy sooner
  • Maintaining exercise can help with the birth
  • Exercising can assist in improved recovery
  • Prepare you for the necessary strength and function as your child grows
  • Maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy weight gain

Exercise Post Pregnancy

  • Improve core muscle and pelvic floor control following birth
  • Stretch and strengthen the required muscles for the function required
  • Graded movements allowing postural control and stability
  • Improve strength in the functional movements required to care for your children
  • Feel like yourself again by taking time for yourself

These Exercises Will Be Suitable For

  • Aiming to get pregnant and wanting to make it easier
  • Currently pregnant or recently following childbirth
  • Have had children now of any age and still feel like you need to improve in this area

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