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Athletic Development Program

What is it?

The Athlete Education and Development Program at Fit Clinic aims to provide a safe and educational environment where athletes can participate in open gym or group training sessions focusing on gym-based exercise to help improve their sporting and general abilities i.e. strength, power, coordination, muscular endurance and agility.

Who is it for? (age)

We have programs for all ages including a specific program for Junior Athletes 12-17 years

What’s included:

  • Initial and follow up testing and assessment
  • Guided programming that fits their sport or goal schedule
  • Group sessions, 1 on 1 coaching or open gym (with program provided) options
  • Strength training, movement coordination, fitness, flexibility, speed, power and agility programming as required
  • Regular reprogramming and guided coaching sessions to understand their program
  • Online app to access all your programming, education and coaching support
  • Athlete progressions and systems are flexible to work with their schedule and sport load
  • Case by case progression
  • Periodised for their sport
  • *Subsidies and specific sports programs may be available depending upon your athletic organisation as we are a preferred provider for some organisations