Are you embarking on running in 2015? It is great to include running into your fitness plan, not to mention the numerous benefits you can get from it. However, you might encounter some issues regarding the proper ways to run and increasing your distance and speed. Therefore, we want to give you the 3 top tips to improve your running. 


  1. Posture – keep your head neck stable between your shoulders. Keep your back straight. Keep your vision straight forward and not on the ground. Keep you jaw and neck relaxed and your shoulders parallel to the ground. Your arms also contribute to your form but make sure you keep them relaxed yet at 90 degrees elbow bend. 
  2. Foot Strike – Land your foot below your body with a slight knee bend and vertical shin position. This enables you to land mid-foot and drive off making use of the foot’s own elastic spring
  3. Hip Movement – A stronger hip extension (the part where you extend at the hip and push your foot into the ground to propel yourself forward) results in more force and greater speed. How powerfully and rapidly the hip is extended helps control the running speed. Once the hip is extended, the foot will come off the ground and the recovery cycle will begin. When extending at the hip and push off you should be aiming to push through the line of your second toe.

Bonus thought: Running well is a learned strategy, just like any sport, specific technique improvements; cueing strategies assist the learning process. Using specific exercises to correct weakness can go some way to making you feel like you were ‘born to run.’

We hope these 3 simple tips will make you feel at ease to be able to enjoy your running activities. If you have any question regarding this information we are available to be contacted at our clinic 1300 EX PHYS


Aaron King

Exercise Physiologist & Sports Scientist

Fit Clinic

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