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NDIS Registered Provider Programs Designed by Exercise Physiologists

At Fit Clinic we’ve worked hard to design NDIS Exercise Programs for both teens and adults for better health, quality of life to increase confidence and independence.

We have exercise physiology, personal training, physiotherapy, podiatry all accredited under NDIS as registered providers

We pride ourselves on our supportive focus and genuinely care about our clients health and happiness

We Love Sharing Our NDIS Success Stories

These are the success stories that we are really proud of as they show how the work we do can have such positive outcomes in real life. It makes our work so worthwhile.

One is a boy living with Autism who was non-verbal publicly when he first came to us. Through his work with us, he was able to develop the strength, stamina and social skills to travel overseas to New Zealand and climb a mountain. He then went on to meet an online gaming friend that he’d never met, who was totally unaware of any diagnosis.

One of our brain injury clients came to us following an accident a few years ago which left them unable to do their job as a graphic designer. They’d put on 20 kilos, were immobile and their nutrition wasn’t great in this period. Fast forward 18 months seeing this client, they’d lost 20 kg, were able to catch public transport independently and had started working in design again. It was a huge achievement.

The team at Fit Clinic has made a significant difference in my life. With their help I've been able to attend regularly and lose a lot of weight after my accident and now I'm helping my family stay healthy too.


After getting stale and in a training rut, they  have pretty much changed the way I train and move, for the better. I have had ongoing issues, but with significantly improved techniques, better exercises and expert knowledge. Work smarter, not harder and the results speak for themselves


The team have helped me a lot over the last two years, the Exercise Physiologists have helped me exercise and stay fit and healthy to be able to maintain employment despite my MS as well as the podiatrist helping me with my feet and gait.


We Pride Ourselves on Making a Difference 

Providing education and exercises that involve thinking, solving and physical strength and fitness and coaching in better health choices, problem solving, quality of life and independence

We build a sense of achievement and motivation through Goal Boards and rewards. Providing a supportive focus, we genuinely care about each and every client’s happiness

To help transfer these skills to real life functional goals to make a real difference in quality of life and independence.

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I’m Aaron and as the owner of Fit Clinic and a parent of a child on the NDIS, we understand that you need help and support. Come and see our facility and talk to us about how we can help.

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