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Hi Aaron! I wanted to say thanks so much for your support and awesome core training program, I’m super happy that all my hard work over the last 9 months has definitely paid off! Isn’t the human body just the most amazing thing?!”

35, 9 months after birth of 1st child

After getting stale and in a training rut, Amanda has pretty much changed the way I train and move, for the better. I have had ongoing tendon issues, but with significantly improved techniques, better exercises and expert knowledge, I know get more from my training than ever before. Work smarter, not harder and the results speak for themselves

Bobbi B

I could see that he had a program that he could use his skills and tailor to what my results were. Specifically the benefits to date have been that within the first couple of weeks cut 20 seconds of my running time per kilometre. But it has been now, the benefits have been I have a full program & I have the knowledge of what I need to do and how to go about carrying that out.

50, Distance Runner

The team at Fit Clinic has made a significant difference in my life. With their help I’ve been able to attend regularly and lose a lot of weight after my accident and now I’m helping my family stay healthy too.


Great service and personalised program to get my ankle back to normal strength, very proactive!

40, Ankle Injury

I had a lot of physical goals I needed to achieve in a short amount of time. With hard work and determination from everyone at Fit Clinic, I was able to achieve those goals and be accepted into the NSW Police Academy


Since taking your program my weight has came down from 92kg to 85kg. I feel I have more energy to exercise. The exercise program you put together has exceeded my expectation and it is more than sufficient to get me to where i wanted to go. Thank you so much for help….much appreciated.

42, Office Worker

A big special thank you to Fit Clinic for your professional service. The team at Fit Clinic has helped me through with health advice. I highly recommend Fit Clinic to everyone!.

25, Chronic Knee Pain

Thanks Aaron for another great session of agility, strength and speed drills & tests with my U/15’s….the boys love your work and the results are shining through in their performance this season…great work and see you again soon for more sessions…

U/15's Soccer Coach

The team at Fit Clinic has made a significant difference in my life. In the 6 months I have trained here I have become stronger, fitter, lost weight and I can even run and recover better during/after my soccer matches. I definitely don’t feel as though I’m in my early 50s since training here, I wish I found Fit Clinic earlier. Strongly recommend


The team have helped me a lot over the last two years, the Exercise Physiologists have helped me exercise and stay fit and healthy to be able to maintain employment despite my MS as well as the podiatrist helping me with my feet and gait.