Yes and No.

Yes: We have acquired some of the best quality equipment on the market for our rigs, racks, bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, benches and weight machines. We even have a custom sled track. We’d love for everyone to test out our gear on our open day. We feel the quality equipment feels better, lasts and fits our entire philosophy. Yes it matters.

No: While it may be important, it won’t mean a thing if not paired with a quality and service philosophy that is built into the culture of the place. People must come first. If people are first everything else flows. It’s an unfortunate part that’s missing.

We trust our service, we trust that will will cater to what’s missing in the market. We trust we will have the highest quality equipment. A gym that’s not a gym, A gym that provides service, a gym that will always have team members to guide and advise, a gym that will encourage you to turn up and get results. You’re happy we’re happy.

Consults, memberships, service, results and happiness.

Fit Clinic 2.0 – COMING SOON

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