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Why you should focus on your health at work!

Taking steps to help you remain healthy at work has a number of benefits:

The benefits of having workplace health programs include

  • improved employee engagement
  • improved culture
  • reduced sickness-related absenteeism
  • increased attraction and retention of staff
  • reduced workplace injury 
  • improved corporate image
  • improved health awareness and knowledge
  • improved physical and mental well-being translating to life
  • increased energy and vitality
  • increased work enjoyment and fulfilment
  • improved concentration and productivity

Now is the right time for your workplace to invest in the health of you! 


In a recent evaluation, workplace health initiatives resulted in an average:

  • reduction in sick leave absenteeism by 25 per cent

  • decrease in workers compensation and disability claims of 32 per cent.

  • What would this mean for your business if we were to apply those statistics?

  • saving of $5.56 for every $1 invested in employee well-being.


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Why is workplace health so important?

  • Sitting for 11 hours or more gives 40% higher risk of disease or death compared to 4 hours or less. Sit for 8 hours will add 15% more.
  • Muscle contraction helps blood glucose regulation
  • High calorie meal in those that sit remain higher for longer
  • Breaking up sitting time can have an effect


If you or workplace would like to know more information or if you’d like Fit Clinic to come out to your workplace to discuss your options then please call us on 1300 397 497. Consider forwarding this email to someone you know that might benefit from this information.