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Are you pregnant and want a better way to track your body changes over time?

You may think that our Fit3D scanner is only used for tracking full body measurements, fat % and muscle mass; well it is, BUT it’s not the only thing! The Fit3D scanner is a great tool for us to track all types of body changes over time. This includes the body shape and posture changes during pregnancy.

You can visualise your body like never before with an objective and accurate measurement. Sometimes people miss the unexpected changes. It’s a cool memoir to have of your pregnancy. It would be tracked every 2-4 weeks and you would be left with a visual image of the progressive changes over the pregnancy.

Pictured here is a pregnancy progressing from 26 to 38 weeks gestation.

Then when you’re a parent and it’s time to get your body back, our exercise physiologists will help develop your goals and a progressive plan to improve body control, core recovery and overall strength. So you can be the fittest and healthiest parent possible. We will guide you through each part of the process.

A full scan with report will be provided or a scan can be included in our full standard assessment with an Exercise Physiologist including goal setting, movement assessment and plan developed on your pre natal, pregnancy or post natal exercise goals.
===> Interested in seeing it in action or allowing us to assist you with your post pregnancy goals? Call 1300 397 497 or email to make a booking.


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