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We spoke to one of our members Chris about his story so far with Fit Clinic.


“Hi Chris,
Thanks for allowing us to chat about your story so far; Do you mind sharing the story that led you to us?”


“I had a referral from my Doctor to Fit Clinic to help fix my unhealthy body.  I was over weight, my cholesterol was starting to be a problem, as was my blood pressure. I felt anxious most of the time and I had no energy…..I needed to restore my body.”


“Initially, what were your concerns and why did you ultimately choose us?”


“My concerns at the start were that I didn’t want a typical gym that would not provide the support and structure that I knew I required. Fit Clinic is no typical gym. Fit Clinic provided support and structure and the way my conditions were managed allowed me to develop my strength and fitness without risk of injury or over exertion.”


“What have been the biggest benefits to you since joining us?”


“The benefits from Fit Clinic are that I can work and play….for longer and stronger….I have much more energy and my health conditions have been fixed. My family and I are much happier and we all attend Fit Clinic together.”


“Who would you recommend us to and why?”


“I would recommend Fit Clinic to everyone. If you are fit and healthy already, you need Fit Clinic to keep that focus and sustain your motivation to be a better person or athlete. If you have a health issue or two, in mind or body, you need Fit Clinic even more. The financial commitment is an investment into a great future where you and the people around you are happier and positive. Fit Clinic is about being surrounded by inspiring people.”

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