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Hi Tess,
Thanks for sharing your story with us.


“Do you mind telling us what was it that led you to us?”


“I had a severe lower back pain with a bulging disk that was debilitating to my health & life.
I couldn’t lift my foot to get into my car.
I couldn’t bend forward to put my shoes on.
I couldn’t stand up for more than 5 mins.
I couldn’t walk without the piercing sharp pain in my back which was stiffening my neck.

I couldn’t sleep or turn to my side, back or any position without excruciating pain.”


“Initially, what were your concerns and why did you ultimately choose us?”


“My concern was that I needed support for my rehabilitation ASAP as the pain was escalating.
I was referred to this clinic by my Doctor.
It was a personable & professional clinic from the start.
The key elements I needed for my recovery were one on one basis, someone who listens,  reassurance, pacing, a good understanding of my future goal to get back to the things I was doing. I found these things with Fit Clinic.”


“What have been the biggest benefits to you since joining us?”


“The biggest benefit was despite the nerve pain, the mental capacity of seeing progress encouraged me to continue. I realised the importance of pacing through the various exercises given to me to do. As, when I pushed myself beyond my pacing I reverted back to more pain, however, I found that when we paced the activity, my body was able to adjust back to the level it was able to cope with one step at a time. Fit Clinic was a great help in that area.
I realised I shouldn’t rush the exercises without the professional help, even when I thought I knew how much my body is used to exercising previously.
I believe that, listening to the advice was the major benefit in the strong, physical & mental capacity which continued my recovery.”


“Who would you recommend us to and why?”


“I would recommend Fit Clinic to all age groups. As I have witnessed young & old attend Fit Clinic & see smiles on faces after training whether one on one or in small groups. It’s a Clinic that fits into your life, for life, like a family.”
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