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Snaps from the Seminar

Sports Podiatry Seminar 9th June 2018

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Preventing Injuries In Sport

What to be aware of to prevent playing injuries in sports. What happens if you do get injured? What can you do?


Lateral Ankle Sprain Strapping Technique

Quick technique to strap your ankle for a lateral (outside) ankle sprain – or prevention of.


3 Foot and Ankle Exercises for Injury Prevention

3 foot and ankle exercises for sports injury prevention, Great for soccer and other running-based sports

Top 3 Leg Exercises for Injury Prevention and Rehab

Top 3 Exercises for injury prevention for the legs. In the gym or playing a sport.

– Nordic Curl

– Natural Leg Extension

– Copenhagen Adductor Exercise

Check out the instructions, Give it a go and let us know how you went?