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How to build the Perfect Posterior.
Building toned, strong glutes are every woman’s dream right? Well now you can have them too with our perfect posterior workout!
The key to building the perfect posterior is all about VVH, volume, variation and hamstrings.
  • Volume- Training your backside multiple times per week is important to increase your muscle mass in those muscles.
  • Variation- Use a variety of exercises throughout the week, this provides a different stimulus and prevents boredom from always doing the same program.
  • Hamstrings- Don’t forget to train your hamstrings! Hamstrings are a vital part of your backside as they attach to the hip and having toned hamstrings make your butt pop!
Exercise Program
  • Hip Thrusts- Start with a bench and a bar across your hips, lift your bottom off the floor into full hip extension and slowly lower your bottom back down towards the floor repeat 3 sets of 10. Key note: Squeeze your glutes at the top for a maximum burn!
  • Straight leg deadlift- Start with a barbell on the floor, ensuring your back is flat and legs are straight (can have a slight knee bend) lift the bar off the floor keeping it as close to your body as possible, maintaining straight legs all the way to the top. Key note: Bring your hips forward and squeeze your glutes at the top of the lift to get maximum burn! 3×10
  • Banded Goblet Squats- Place a tight band above your knees, using a dumbell or kettlebell, perform a squat. Key note: When squatting, keep the band tight and drive your knees out for the isometric advantage of using the band. 3×15
  • Banded Flying Scorchers- Place a tight band around your knees, lying flat on a bench with your torso only, place your feet together and drive the knees out. Bend at your hips and whilst lifting your legs squeeze your glutes. Key note: Keep your feet together and drive the knees out the entire lift for the isometric advantage to feel the glute burn. 3×20
  • Single leg glute bridges- Lying on your back with your feet on the floor, lift one leg up (keep this leg up the entire time) and proceed to lift your hips off the ground and slowly back down. Key note: Squeeze your glutes as much as possible, make sure you don’t lift your hips too much, keep your upper back on the ground.  3×10 each leg
  • Single leg hamstring sliders- Using sliders on carpet, lie on your back with one heel on the slider and the other leg in the air. Lift your hips off the ground and proceed to slide your leg out all the way and slide back in. Key note: This is quite a difficult exercise and provides maximum burn in the hamstrings, to make it slightly easier once leg has slide out, place hips on the ground and slide your leg back in. Then proceed with the exercise. 3×10 each leg