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What Yoghurt is best for me?

When wanting to lose weight we need to be going into a calorie deficit with our energy intake (food) and energy output (exercise/physical activity). Therefore it is important to be looking at the calorie content of what we are eating to ensure we are not overeating.

  • Although we may be eating ‘healthy’ foods, it is VERY important to control your portion sizes so that your calorie intake doesn’t creep up beyond our energy output.
  • Yoghurt is one of those foods whereby it is marketed as a ‘healthy’ food – but it too can be consumed in amounts that are considered overeating. Not to mention the vast array of varieties of yoghurt out there – which one do we choose for weight loss? Greek? Natural? Low fat? No fat?
  • Within a weight loss perspective – especially for breakfast – we want to be consuming the correct foods to be fuelling our body for the start of the day. Therefore we want a high protein breakfast. However, we also need to be mindful of our calorie intake at this point – breakfast is a meal that is often overly calorie dense and we don’t even realise.


Below is an example of a cereal/yoghurt/fruit breakfast and how the calories can change dramatically depending on what yoghurt you choose. Obviously what cereal you choose will also change this calorie content but this is just looking at the yoghurt component.

3/4 cup Sultana Bran (45g) – 152cal

1 cup strawberries (4-5 medium strawberries) – 40cal

170g yoghurt of your choice – see below


Breakfast Cereals:
1 cup strawberries (4-5 medium strawberries) – 40cal
170g tub YoPro – vanilla flavoured – 100cal
Carmans Natural Bircher Muesli – 45g portion – 189cal
With Strawberries and yoghurt – 329cal
Be Natural Coconut, Spelt and Fig Granola – 45g – 189cal
With Strawberries and yoghurt – 329cal
Coles Low Fat Muesli – 45g portion – 154cal
With Strawberries and yoghurt – 294cal
Weetbix – 45g (3 weetbix) – 160cal
With Strawberries and yoghurt – 300cal
Kelloggs All Bran – 45g portion – 147cal
With Strawberries and yoghurt – 287cal
Kelloggs Nutrigrain – 45g portion – 167cal
With Strawberries and yoghurt – 307cal
Crunchy Nut Clusters – 45g portion – 184cal
With Strawberries and yoghurt – 324cal

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