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Fit Sessions

Our signature fit sessions include a variety of movements to help you develop & improve upon your strength & fitness.

Small-Group Sessions!

Only a maximum of 10 people per session, ensures we are providing each individual with the support they require. As well as being Covid safe.

What’s Included in Fit Sessions?

Each main block runs over 3 phases, each with a goal of building on your strength & fitness in a variety of ways.

All phases are programmed over a maximum of 5 days per week, for 6 weeks, involving 2 upper & 2 lower body days & a specific conditioning day. Each day includes our foundation & accessory movements (watch the video below).

Who Runs Fit Sessions?

Designed & run by our Exercise Physiologists. We have built our program in such a way that you can achieve a rounded program from any combination of between 2-5 sessions per week.

Who are Fit Sessions Suitable For?

Fit Sessions is suitable for all new & experienced exercisers. Our Exercise Physiologists will tailor exercises to you, based on your function & capabilities.


Contact us on 1300 397 497 if you would like to know more about our Fit Sessions.