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Fit Clinic is an exercise physiologist run gym.


(Video Transcript):

Where we focus on supportive coaching

And you can access your exercise physiologist anytime.

So we run from strength and conditioning for athletes to group training and all health and medical needs and diagnosis.

My name is Bobbi.

I’m 46 years old, I’m a mother 10 year old and six year old.

I’ve been coming to Fit Clinic for the last two and a half years since being at Fit Clinic obviously.

My initial lower back injury that I came here for has subsided and I have managed to maintain good lower back health.

The clinic sees people along their whole fitness journey regardless of their starting positions because we believe that fitness and health is for everybody.

And regardless of where you start we can take you from there and beyond.

I find the reason I want to keep staying at Fit Clinic is it’s the sort of gym whilst we call it a gym.

It’s not a traditional gym in a sense I found when I first came here.

I was really glad to see there were no, no posers, there’s no flash workout gear, there’s no competitiveness as such it’s really supportive environment.

We also see a lot of NDIS client come through the gym and I find that can be quite inspirational part of that role is us seeing people on the NDIS.

And one of those examples is Zeena , who’s a wheelchair athlete so she’s coming not having done strength and edition for a little while and the she’s come back.

We’ve been able to get her strong fit and healthy and re-motivated into some of her sports.

Uh, so she’s back into wheelchair basketball and now she’s take on Para-rowing.

I know a lot of women especially and obviously, I can only speak from a woman’s point of view.

I feel very can sometimes feel a bit self-conscious and overwhelmed going into a gym environment and I think that can often hold people back.

Because they might fall into that mentality of I need to lose some weight so I can go to the gym but it doesn’t work like that,

it doesn’t and fit clinic proves that it doesn’t matter what size or shape, you are there is an exercise here that you will be very very good at and uh yeah I like that.

The pride we get is really immense, we see people that come in they’re quite intimidated or their view of fitness and health.

What they’re going to be doing or what they might be subjected to is quite skewed from what they might have seen before.

So then, when they come in here being confident, being happy healthy, and being able to be included

And feel included and confident in their journey is the biggest thing in the change that you’ve seen people.

They just become confident people and just being able to see the transition is a getting response about it so it’s great.

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