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So why Fit Clinic?



(Video Transcript)

Because there’s a 24/7 gym all access, no service on every corner but clearly that’s not working because people demand deserve and want better.

So I was getting a lot of questions asking look I’ve got a shoulder injury, got a back injury , or I’ve got a small child, or small children and I really need to be a better stronger, fitter, healthier parent for my kids or things like that.

So what they were looking for was an exercise physiologist but understandably, not everyone knows what that is, so we’re like personal trainers but with a medical background.

So it allows us to cover everything from the general health and fitness strength and conditioning needs, all the way to the medical, clinical and rehabilitation needs and everything in between.

So we develop our facility that allows you to see your exercise physiologist anytime and help you all the way along your journey.

Because people want accountability, want support, want help with their programming and at the end of the day that’s going to get you closer to your goals in a supported community and environment and we run those both online and offline in our facility behind us.

So, how ever, you need to be supported be it online or face to face, we can really support that and it provides an alternative to the all-access no service model because people really need better.

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