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Your spine probably isn’t out of alignment.

What really grinds my gears is when people are told “Oh, your spine is out of alignment. I’m gonna have to put it back into place every week for the rest of your life.”

And all it does is create fear that they can’t move, can’t do things, and can’t go about their day. And it means that they’re not going to do as much physical activity as they should.

That becomes a real problem.

So think about it. Most teenagers have braces for about two years or there or thereabouts. Now your teeth are bones and they’re only attached on one side, not very strongly. And it takes about two years to move them just a little bit.

I had braces for the second time in my life and to move one tooth at the bottom, it took about five months. So if you think about that, trying to move the bone just from getting a bit of a slap is probably not going to happen. Nor is it going to go out of place in the same way.

Don’t worry about it. Move more, move often in the way that you enjoy

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