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7700 calories in one kilo of body fat.

So, to lose one kilo of body fat, you need to remain in a deficit of 7700, that sounds like a lot and well, it is to a degree.

But, you know, we want to go into how we can achieve that practically and how we can maybe make a deficit of 5 to 600 to 1000 each day. So you might have 500 some days. You might have more other days and if you’re successful at it, we might end up losing my half kilo of body fat a week.

So you might see things in kilojoules, as well. Kilojoules is, I guess the metric term & it’s around 4 to 1 ratio. So kilojoules times by, for their it’s actually 4.184 but it’s
easier just to quadruple it.

So if you’re looking at, if something is 100 calories, will it’s 400 kilojoules or if
you’re wanting to convert it to Cal, you obviously got to divide it.

So how much of a deficit do I need?

Well, you obviously need a deficit of seven thousand seven hundred calories to reduce one kilo of body fat.

Now practically, how am I going to do that? And that’s what we get into a little bit later as well.

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