[Need a home workout?]

What happens if you don’t have access to a gym or just sometimes can’t get there? What if you still had a body-weight routine to complete to make sure you maintained your gym progress?

Check out our playlist for that scenario. No equipment needed, just your body! You can hold some dumbbells (if you have any) to add another level of difficulty. A quick routine with a “how to” for a leg workout.

1 – Body-Weight Squats
2 – Banded Squats
3 – Body Weight Step Ups
4 – Side Step Ups
4 – Lateral Step Ups (opposite side)

A simple way to complete this is to aim for 15 repetitions of each exercise then move along the list. You can always start with 1-2 rounds then build to 4-5 rounds. Each exercise will take about 1 minute, so each round should be 5 mins. Simple yet effective. Sometimes what seems simple is the best routine, less thinking, more doing means better results.

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