Did you know for your body to heat up 100mls of water to body temperature it takes 100 calories for each degree it is required? Therefore if you ingest very cold water at zero degrees if would take 3600 calories to heat it up to body temperature at roughly 36 degrees. WOW

But wait?! Why aren’t we just drinking ice cold water to lose weight? Isn’t half a kilo of fat about 3500 calories?

There’s very good reason why this won’t work. It’s called kilocalories.

What scientists have done is taken what should actually be called kilocalories and just named it Calories (capital C) as to not confuse the everyone.

Therefore, the real calories you’re burning off to generate heat for the water would be 3.6 kilocalories, otherwise known colloquially as calories.

You’ll burn about 3.6 Calories by drinking very cold water as compared to water at body temperature


Aaron King

Exercise Physiologist

ASK Health Solutions

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