I don’t get it… Why would a gym charge a joining fee on top of their membership? Then charge another joining fee to re-join if you don’t maintain your membership? I’m surprised (or not), that they won’t think how can we do better so this doesn’t occur? Those fees never used to happen, yet when one did it, it infiltrated. I don’t believe it’s related to additional administration. The sign up admin is no real extra work compared what’s ongoing. Yet there’s not ongoing admin fee? Weird hey?

It’s like they don’t trust their service and want to make it more difficult for someone to leave.
It’s like they’re overselling memberships and encouraging people to remain locked even if they don’t turn up.

We trust our service, we trust that will will cater to what’s missing in the market. A gym that’s not a gym, A gym that provides service, a gym that will always have team members to guide and advise, a gym that will encourage you to turn up and get results. You’re happy we’re happy.
No joining fees – just consults, memberships, service, results and happiness.

Fit Clinic 2.0 – COMING SOON

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