With the party season now in full swing, it can be easy for your regular exercise routine to fall by the wayside, but don’t give up!  Maintaining your activity levels is easier than you think, and you can have fun doing it too.

Here are some tips to help you keep the ball rolling.

For the kids:

  • Garden games such as egg and spoon races, sack races, skipping ropes and tag
  • A good run-around at the beach or the park.  Try flag races, setting up a race track and timing kids as they run a lap or creating a horse jumping course with obstacles for your little ponies!
  • Walking the dog or the neighbour’s dog is a great opportunity to get out and get active and a good way to teach your kids how to look after the fluffy member of the family!
  • Dust of the bikes and go for a family bike ride
  • Water play! The perfect way to keep cool this summer

For the adults

  • Invest in a pedometer and set yourself a target for every day.  You’ll be surprised how many steps you’ll accumulate just by doing the Christmas shopping!
  • Take the furthest parking space and walk quickly to keep your heart rate up. With busy shopping precincts this may be easier than you think!
  • Find yourself a buddy so you can keep each other motivated and have regular exercise times and days.
  • Play games with the kids



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