What is the image you conjure up with your health? Is it an image of muscle bound men and already fit females because that’s what many magazines and TV programmes would have you believe? Just let anyone in and assume they already know what to do?

Our method is different, we are with you to guide you to and beyond your ideal results! Our programming and guidance focusses on improving body control before movement. We build the foundation first to make sure you will build health on a quality foundation. We start at whichever level you are at and guide you to where you want to go and beyond. We find this way creates happier, healthier people with a good foundation to tackle anything they wish in the future.

We prepare resilience by a process of the 3 i’s…
Isolation. Building joint and muscle control
Integrate. Build this control into movement
Improvisation. Prepare building a solid foundation and a resilient body and mind to respond to even the unprepared.

Train control, train the muscle, train the movement.

Fit Clinic 2.0 – COMING SOON

If this idea excites you like it does us, send us a message to find out more.

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