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Rules of the Gym

While sweating and mild grunting may be acceptable in the gym, there are still some genral rules everyone should follow. Regardless of whether you’ve paid your fees just like the next person. It’s still a place where rules should be followed. Many gyms have begun signposting rules to follow.

1 – Use a towel – Sounds simple right? It is. Yet while it’s probably the number one rule it’s not always followed. You may HAVE a towel, but do you USE it? That means after you have finished with the machine (or if you’re sharing between sets), fully wipe down all areas of the equipment you have used. There’s nothing worse than going to a machine or bench and it’s full of the last person’s head sweat.

2 – Put your weights back – If you’re big enough to lift it, you’re big enough to put it back. No it is not THEIR job to put your used weights back. It’s not just curteous but it’s also for the safety of yourself and others. Lifting it to put it back might give you that bit extra you’ve been after?

3 – Share the equipment – If you are the only person using a weights machine, if someone else wants to use it, let them share. You complete one set and while you’re having your rest break they can do theirs. No one likes an unnecessary bench hog. Who know’s, you might make some new friends? What if you ask if you can share and they say “only have three more” yet they sit there between sets for 2 minutes? You could try being a bit suggestive to them. Simply saying “While you’re resting, mind if I jump in to share?” Works every time!

4 – The bathroom is not your home – While it’s perfectly fine to change, shave, exchange pleasantries (not while actually using the toilet, that’s a bit weird), blow dry your hair. Please, please please, put your underwear on first before doing that. No one needs to be the ‘naked locker room guy’. It’s not pleasant for others when someone attempts a serious conversation while totally naked. Put your underwear on first before talking. Nakedness is a given but keep it to changing only. Don’t do all the other things mentioned before changing.

5 – Use the correct equipment – The squat rack is for legs. Not for bicep curls, not to stare into the mirror and flex. Bicep curls can be done almost anywhere, you do not need to take up the entire squat rack to do that. Be considerate of what area’s other might need to use.



Aaron King

B.App.Sci(sp.ex.sci) MESSA AEP

Managing Director and Accredited Exercise Physiologist

ASK Health Solutions PTY LTD