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The ‘BEAT IT’ program is designed for those with Diabetes or at risk of diabetes. Although it’s not exclusive, most people will find benefit in attending these group sessions for their overall health.

BEAT IT is an innovative, tailored exercise and lifestyle management program designed to assist those with or at risk of diabetes or other chronic disease. BEAT IT helps you improve your health through awareness and physical activity.

BEAT IT classes are fun, safe and supportive. Classes start slowly and build up as you become more confident and your health and fitness improve. Classes are run twice weekly, with each class including a combination of aerobic and resistance training exercises.

BEAT IT is a group based program, giving you the benefits of exercising with people just like you, and allowing you to motivate and support each other along the way.

• A 10  week physical activity and education program including healthy eating and lifestyle advice.
• Aimed to assist with increasing physical activity levels and improving healthy lifestyle behaviours to prevent or manage diabetes and other chronic conditions in a safe and supportive environment with the goal of ensuring participants are competent to exercise independently following program completion.
• Run in a small group environment with a strong social aspect.
• All program providers are trained by Diabetes NSW health professionals to run our BEAT IT programs.

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You may also be eligible for rebates under Medicare or private health fund as all our practitioners are registered for these.