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The Ketone Experiment……
Low Back Pain Rehabilitation | Fit Clinic | Sydney Gym | Fitness And Health | Rehabilitation TrainingFor the past 12 weeks I’ve been using an exogenous Ketone supplement and we’ve since added it to our shelves at Fit Clinic. There’s only a few supplements I take and would recommend for most people. Creatine, protein (for some), amino acids, caffeine (moderately), probiotics and a select number of vitamins and minerals.
There’s already significant use of this supplement (either via diet or exogenously) for it’s use is seizures, cancer, ADHD and depression/anxiety in practice. This tells me it’s piece of the puzzle we are missing and it’s having a positive effect on the brain and body.
I’ve personally found the main benefits to be mental and physical energy, focus and sleep. There are also many studies showing weight loss and many athletes are using ketosis and ketone supplements as a dual fuel source or in isolation. While Ketones haven’t specifically marketed as a weight loss product. It definitely helps with diet compliance as it provides satiety and a puts the body in ketosis (using fat for fuel). I think this is the reason there are many who show significant weight loss.
Low Back Pain Rehabilitation | Fit Clinic | Sydney Gym | Fitness And Health | Rehabilitation Training
Ketones are a fuel source in itself and have shown to have a positive effect where endurance is required. This makes sense as the body can utilise both fuel sources as required (fat and carbs). Others who follow a ketogenic diet (high fat, low carb) will have used ketones to further support energy & ketosis (the body using fat as it’s fuel source as opposed to carbs). This product is useful for those wanting to get into a ketogenic state or even those not aiming to follow a full ketogenic diet but want to positive effects of one. As food restriction can be a downside of a keto diet. Benefits will be achieved from either strategy (ketogenic or mixing carbs/ketones)
I take this supplement mainly at two preferred times. I normally use this in the morning prior to training on an empty stomach (except for this supplement , then will generally eat a late breakfast/early lunch. Or I will ingest this during the middle of the day/early afternoon when requiring times of high mental energy.
In my view a necessity of a high-carb breakfast is a bit of a myth and I’ve found we generally over consume carbs. Carbs aren’t necessarily an enemy although it’s the easiest to over consume. So lowering the carb content of your meals to match your output is ideal, and I feel this is a step in that direction.
Low Back Pain Rehabilitation | Fit Clinic | Sydney Gym | Fitness And Health | Rehabilitation Training
If you want to know how to trial this product for yourself for either 5, 10 or 30 days, message me. I’m personally excited by the possibilities of ketone supplementation.
Aaron King
Exercise Physiologist
Fit Clinic