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1. There are “better” ways to lift so that the appropriate musculature take the load in most cases.
2. We are typically strongest through the mid-range of a joint – Therefore work to increase range of motion via mobility to “widen” the strength curve.
3. “Perfect” lifting posture is not always possible or necessary but we need to have enough strength and range for any given lift in the posture.
4. Tip – Increase overall strength to create a “buffer” as to work below capacity for safety.
5. If we are stronger than we need to be at the posture we are asking our body to be in for a given task we will typically be safe.
6. The back and other joints are robust and not typically fragile.


Summary of the summary

Tip – Increase overall strength and range of motion through regular physical activity, we will then become “prepared for the unprepared”, as we can’t possibly prepare for every scenario we will encounter in a day. Although we will create a “buffer” to be stronger and have more range than the task requirements. Ultimately leading to safety. Take a graded approach to increasing strength throughout range.