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Typically exercising during pregnancy is safe (for most), although there are number of factors that need to be assessed to determine if it’s safe and what type of exercises are suitable or possibly contraindicated for that client.

We’re not one to say a certain exercise style, whether it be CrossFit or another type, is totally off limits, but each person should be screened and assessed to see if their preferred exercise style is safe and what/ if any modifications are needed.

She has excess doming through the linea alba (the line that is between the muscles of the abdominals) and/or a hernia. It is more noticeable on the down phase. A sign is that the belly becomes “pointy” through her abs

The effort and pressure she is exerting is leading to the doming. There are likely a variety of other exercises that would not lead to this same effect and could be assessed by an expert first. This way alternatives that provide the same outcome but with less pressure can be found.