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[3 Foot and Ankle Exercises for Sports Injury Prevention]

Following from the last video, I’ll be going through a couple of exercises that you can do for foot and ankle strengthening, range of motion, and mobility.
The first exercise we’re gonna do is called ankle circles.
Now this exercise is actually great, especially if you’ve just injured yourself or recently sprained your ankle.
Take a seat, put your foot and your ankle out. Now, in this position, you’re gonna make the biggest and slowest circle with your foot and ankle.
There’s gonna be some periods where you’ll find that there’s a slight shake or a slight twitch in that foot or ankle.

The second exercise we’re gonna do, very similar to a calf raise, with a little variation.
You’re gonna want to come up onto your toes, hold it for about five to 10 seconds at the top.
Now, as you come down, what you don’t wanna do is this. Just a sudden drop. From this position at the top, you wanna slowly release, and slowly control that movement going down.
You’re actually also strengthening intrinsic muscles in the foot that aren’t typically used.

Now, the last exercise involves a slight resistance band.
So you’re gonna move the left foot slightly out, so that when you lift up the right foot, it slightly turns in. Now, in this position, what you want to do is you want to slowly turn that foot out, and slowly release it back to its starting point.
This exercise is actually a great tool, especially if you’ve had constant injuries or constant ankle injuries to that outer part of your foot.

Those three exercises are great exercises that you can use to help strengthen the ankle and the foot so that next time any injury occurs, it will actually decrease the impact, or help strengthen you, help you perform, run, and play a lot better.

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