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Are you an Athlete? If you run or jump in your sport then this seminar is for YOU!

Run Faster, Jump Higher, Be Stronger while remaining injury free.

You’ll learn
The best exercises to use
Mobility /ROM routines
Strengthening and performance tools
Injury prevention programs to stay on the field
Choosing the right footwear for your sport
Recovery tools
& common injuries and how to rehab them.

We’d love to see you come along!

A typical podiatrists role is seen as one that assists with a number of lower limb and foot complaints and conditions which affect these areas. It part if it; but did you know Fit Clinic’s Podiatrist will also look at gait and motion, provide exercises to correct if required and generally enhance any weaknesses present through manual therapies and movement instruction and development. We don’t look for the band-aid fix, we look for long-term improvements.

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