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Hi, Aaron King from Fit Clinic. Recently there was an experiment on TV on the “truth about slim people” and it looked at a couple of people who have always been slim.

Their friends viewed them as they’re always slim, they’ve probably got a high metabolism, and if you just looked at a small snapshot of their week you’d probably see lots of sitting while working, eating at a restaurant, and not a whole lot of structured exercise.

But when they tested them what they found is they had a pretty normal metabolism, but consumed their calorie limits over the course of the week, so even if they went to a restaurant or something like that naturally they would undershoot it for a couple days after or a couple of days before, so even though they may have what they call overindulged during an event or a party or something like that they naturally balanced it out over the course of the week.

So a couple of takeaway points from the TV documentary is that there was lots of incidental movement when tested. So there’s lots of walking, moving around, fidgeting, and that added up over the course of the week, so despite having a job where they might have been sitting there was still a lot of incidental exercise even if it wasn’t structured so to speak.

They enjoyed food, but didn’t really obsess over it. So what that meant is they really just ate their three meals a day, there was little to no snacking over the course of the day, so they would consume a little bit more in their normal meals because they weren’t snacking and adding that into the load.

There was little or no alcohol, so that’s gonna be empty calories as well that they’re not consuming, so that’s important there.

Their meal routine was quite normal, so they weren’t really changing up too much, it was fairly, fairly basic, and again, that probably comes down to not really obsessing over food.

Most dinners were home cooked with lots of vegetables so that meant that it’s really high nutrients, but lower in calories. So that means their volume of food might have been up when you look at it, but they weren’t consuming too many calories over the course of the day. And as I said, if they ate more in one day they were under consuming the next day just naturally without really making a conscious effort.

Other things that were important, they were pretty happy and positive about their life and they weren’t really obsessing over the food and what they did.

So they were a few takeaway points. So there are some things I took away that would be important to consider is no need to obsess over food, just eat naturally and you can balance it out over the course of the week, you don’t need to get too hung up on overindulging in one day, just balance it out over the course of the week, make sure you get a lot of incidental exercise combined with some structured exercise, and you don’t, may not need to snack as often, and you don’t want to drink your calories.

So they’re the important ones, thanks.


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