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Hi, Aaron King from Fit Clinic. I often get the question “Look, I’m eating well but not really getting the results.” And there are a few simple reasons for that, that we find.

Often eating for health is a little bit different to eating for fat loss. Sometimes you can still eat too much of the right foods or foods that are considered healthy. So the calories are part of the equation and you can eat too much of most foods as a cumulative total over the course of the day.

People are often telling me that they’re exercising but then what we find is they’ll exercise for the hour a day but the other 23 hours might be fairly sedentary so there’s a bit less incidental exercise over the other 23 hours. So to improve that we look at what they’re doing the other 23 hours not just the hour that someone’s exercising.

Often it’s quite easy to drink calories like juices, alcohols, coffees, things like that. Often the calories that are contained in that can be as much as a meal but what people often do is add that on top of their meals. So over the course of the day, it’s again, an over-consumption of calories that are often unnecessary and not really filling, so they’ll overeat.

Sauces and condiments that are added to foods can easily add 20-30 % to a meal. So trying to minimize those to plant-based herbs and spices that come out of the garden would be ideal in that scenario.

Sometimes not enough veggies, that sounds a little simple, but its not always easy to achieve. But if we’re adding some less cooked veggies that are a little bit firmer, take a little bit longer to chew, we tend to get fuller earlier and we’re going to eat enough in volume but not as much in calories so we’re going to be able to maintain our weight or lose it, if that’s what the goal is.

Sometimes we might not be, or we might be going to parties and often people overindulge at a party or some other celebration but they’re not balancing it out over the course of the day, the week and the coming month. So what I find people do is overindulge a little bit at a party or some celebration and then maintain over the next few days or week until it’s a next party, next celebration, overindulge a little bit and then it slowly creeps up over time.

What people do that maintain their weight is balance it out. So if we overindulge or over consume on one day naturally balance it out either before or after because it’s the calories over the course of the week that are going to matter, as opposed to overdoing it on one day.

So there’s some simple tips looking at eating for health, not being sedentary the other 23 hours of the day, watching drinking the calories, sauces and condiments, maybe not enough veggies, and watch out for parties.