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How To:

Making the Deadbugs Easier & Harder

Deadbug Regressions ? (easier)

Do you struggle with doing the deadbugs?

Have you ever wondered how to make the deadbugs easier?

Watch our video below for 3 exercises that are easier to complete than the deadbug!

Starting from the easiest exercise, followed by increasing the difficulty with each exercise.

1. Bracing in the Deadbug position (maintain neutral pelvis)

2. Alternating heel taps to table top

3. Table top to leg extension

Deadbug Progressions ? (harder)

Where to go after you’ve mastered the Deadbug?

Progressing the Deadbug can come in many forms, however, choosing the most appropriate for you or your activity can be very beneficial.

The Exercise Physiologists at Fit Clinic love to incorporate equipment to increase the difficulty of an exercise.

Watch our video below on more challenging deadbugs to try!

1. Diagonal Deadbugs (Bring the Leg & arm out to the side)

2. Deadbugs holding a dumbbell

3. Deadbugs with Landmine Arm Extension

4. Swiss ball Deadbugs

5. Deadbug with Band Abduction Hold

6. Deadbug with Band Hold