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Many people feel overwhelmed when starting a weight loss plan and that’s fair enough. It can be made more simple, although it’s not always easy.

So why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off? If you want to be successful at losing weight, you can take action and follow a process. Here are some action steps that will help get you get started.


  1. Finding your Target
  2. The low hanging fruit
    • What can I change without much thought that reduces my calories?

      Switch to diet soft drinks, reduce or remove condiments, have your coffee black, or use a meal replacement on the go instead of fast food

  3. Options
    • Think about swapping food items that are similar but lower cal versions.

      When eating out, choose a lower cal side or a smaller size or even try eating less at other times during the day.

  4. Exercise
    • Especially strength training.
    • Refrain from “eating back” your exercise calories.
    • Most trackers overestimate cals burnt during exercise anyway.
  5. Create a plan
    • Have a plan for staying on track. How can you adjust if you’re not perfect?(you won’t be)
  6. What tools do I need
    • Get a set of kitchen scales and cups. Our eyes deceive us.

  7. Keep it simple
    • Eat sufficient protein, strength train, track your calories to the best of your abilities. Eat protein, veges, carbs and fat within the targets

  8. Adjust for the outcome
    • Modify your calorie target and your macronutrients, if the desired result isn’t happening.

      There can be a 20% margin of error when tracking, so we might need adjust accordingly. And it’s not your fault if this needs to happen

      Seek help and accountability if needed.

Remember, if you want to see results, it takes hard work and dedication! But the end result is worth it – improved health and a happier self-image. Thanks for reading!


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