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It’s important to set goals which are SMART.

Creating and planning is vital to achieving.

Creating your large goal and working backwards through planning smaller tasks for the week and days.

These small goals will allow you to tick the boxes which will help you achieve your large longer-term goal.

There are 5 considerations when creating your goals.

Ensure they are specific. (example)
Do you want to achieve a chin-up?
Plan to do a variation of chin-ups 3x per week

They need to be measurable. You need to be able to have a clear measurement for your goal, create a baseline then measure it every so often.

For example, taking your waist circumference once per month.

Are they achievable?

Is this a goal that you’re able to able to achieve, it still needs to be considered a challenge.

However, it’s not too far-fetched which will cause demotivation.

Are they realistic? Is this a goal that once you have planned your small steps.

You know you will be able to achieve?

How long until you should be able to reach your goal?
Setting a time limit ensures that you can plan appropriately.

Not setting a time may reduce the likelihood of achieving and setting a time too soon may lead to demotivation.

Now it’s time for you to set aside some time to create your goals. Create your large goal then for each goal work backwards creating the smaller goals/tasks.

From Monthly, weekly or they can even be daily.
Set yourself reminders in youth diary or digital calendar to complete your task.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you kicking goals in 2021.

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